Samick Polaris Recurve Bow Review

This is a Samick Polaris Review which will look at this reliable recurve bow. 

I have spent most of my life shooting various bows.  The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow is an excellent recurve bow for new shooters.   

Over the course of this bow review, you will come to see why the Samick Polaris is an ideal recurve bow for those getting into traditional archery.

Samick Polaris takedown recurve Pros and Cons


  • Takedown Recurve Bow: The limbs can be detached and reattached on a three piece bow such as this.  This allows the bow to be stored in a very small space which makes it ideal for traveling or backpacking.  
  • Various Draw Length Options: The length of the bow will affect the draw distance.  Depending on your age and or size, you will need either a longer or shorter bow.  Thanks to the multiple options, you will be able to find a bow that fits your needs.
  • Multiple limb power options: The bow can be ordered in several limb weights making it ideal for beginners.  The limbs can even be swapped out so that multiple users can shoot the same bow which can add value.  


  • The bow can only be ordered up to a weight of 40 lbs.  This will limit the hunting ability of the shooter to small game only.
  • With the white limbs being highly visible, it is not ideal for bow hunting purposes.  Rather it is designed to be an excellent target bow.

Who Should Buy The Samick Polaris Bow?

The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow is an excellent beginner bow for any person just starting with archery.  With the ability to attach many different accessories, it can be customized to fit just about any archer at any level.  

While the limbs may be on the lighter side for hunting, it can be a great training bow for younger shooters wanting target practice. 

Features of the Samick Polaris 

Takedown Recurve Bow

One of the most challenging aspects of shooting or hunting with a bow is safely transporting it.  One piece bows really suffer from this in that they have to be carried at full length.  The Samick Polaris solves this by using a three piece design. This  means by removing the limbs, you can carry it in a very compact case or backpack reducing its footprint.

The brace height of the bow allows for various limbs to be used giving you one bow that can fit many customer needs.  It can also be ordered either for a right hand or left hand shooter making it accessible for certain people. 

Durable design

The fiberglass limbs and the beautiful white oak wooden layers makes this bow not only a beautiful bow to own but also a high quality tool to use.  The bow is made with reliable material that will help it withstand years of shooting and thousands of arrows. 

The reinforced limb tips combined with the fiberglass limbs also offer a durable setup which will endure much use at the range.

At only 3 pounds, it is light enough for young shooters, whether a son or daughter, to comfortably carry at the range.  This bow weight is lighter than most in this similar price range.

Pre Drilled bushings for accessories 

The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow contains the bushings for several different accessories.  You can use a stabilizer or bow fishing rig on the front of the bow.  There are mounts for an arrow rest or for a quiver to be attached.  Many people utilize a brass plunger to reduce arrow movement combined with a sight to create a very accurate setup.   

Cut past center riser shelf

The riser is equipped with a cut past the center with a crown arrow shelf. A shelf that’s cut past the center of the riser helps to erase the effects of what’s called the archers paradox. On a cut-past center, the arrow sits in an angle with the string and because of this angle the string pushes the arrows forward. 

Other bows use a middle or center cut.  While this makes the bow narrower, it does adjust the launch angle of the arrow from left to right.  This modification requires adjusting with a specific item such as a plunger to keep the arrow flying straight.

B 50 Dacron String

The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow also comes with reinforced limb tips which allow you to use a faster flight string.  The Polaris comes with a B 50 Dacron string which will help you reach the top speed and accuracy of the bow.  This will give you the option to use carbon fiber arrows which will not only be more accurate but also more consistent than wooden arrows.

What are others saying about the Samick Polaris?

It is worth showing that I’m not the only one who appreciates this bow setup.  Many others who have used it also appreciate all it has to offer.  Let’s look for a moment at what other people are saying about it from across the internet. Here is what I found:

Reddit user elirune was looking for a beginner recurve bow and couldn’t decide between options.  They asked about the Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow and received this response in a review: 

Another Reddit user, iHateBolsheviks was looking for a good beginner bow.  The community responded and echoed the quality of the Samick Polaris in this review page.

Several other users from popular websites across the internet said that they loved the bow, especially for children just getting into archery.  Customers noted that it was ideal for youth and the name brought a reliability they trusted in.  Reviews were overwhelmingly positive with the ability to add items to the bow.    

Samick Polaris Alternatives

While the Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow is an excellent beginner bow, there is another model by Samick that should be considered.  Let’s take a look at the differences between the Samick Polaris and its cousin model, the Samick Sage.

Samick Polaris vs Samick Sage

The most important thing to realize when comparing these bows is that because they are made by the same company, they are very similar.  This is a positive.  Either bow Samick makes has very similar build quality, attention to detail, and durability. 

That being said, they both serve slightly different roles.  The Samick Polaris is intended to be a beginner bow mostly used on the range.  Because of its lighter draw weight limbs, it is not intended for hunting purposes. 

The Samick Sage is a beginner hunting bow.  It has a color scheme much more geared toward taking in the woods and blending in.  The longer bow length, 54 inches for the Polaris, versus the 62 inches for the Sage, makes the Sage more powerful as hunting equipment. 

That being said, the Sage can also serve as a target bow and can accomplish many of the same tasks as the Samick Polaris.  However, because of its length it may be too much for shorter shooters or for younger shooters who have smaller arms. 


The Samick Polaris takedown recurve bow is a delightful traditional bow.  This recurve bow is ideal for anyone who wants their equipment to not only function well, but look well also.  It’s power is seen both in its design and felt in its ability to put arrows on target in a light bow weight.

Thanks to the predrilled bushings, each archer can customize this setup to make it their own.  Whether that means installing a sight, a rest, stabilizer, string silencers or other pieces of equipment, this bow is ready for it all.  

Hopefully this recurve bow review has demonstrated the qualities of the Samick Polaris.  Archers who shop for this bow will not be disappointed.