How To String A Recurve Bow

Recurve bows employ a single bow string and the resilience of the bow places the bow string in tension. My TD recurve was really noisy and the string would buzz against the limbs and the string itself would make a twang. All bow warranties require you to string and unstring your bow using a bowstringer. Make sure the string is laying in the string groove on the back of the limb and slowly let the bow down until the string takes the complete tension of the bow.

A Recurve bow has long limbs that flex a great deal and are drawn using a single string. First String Archery Archery Accessories Bow Tuning String Accessories Less silicone than ML Appropriate for older string materialsBone Collector Tacky Bowstring Wax Bone Collector Tacky uses an advanced BC 1 formula which is similar to the popular ML Wax Bone Collector Tacky but. Recurve strings are listed by the bow length and not the actual length of the string.

For a bow whose actual measurement is 58.5″, the correct size of the Dacron Recurve Bow String, item IK-413016, would be the 58″ string. When ordering the Dacron Recurve Bow String, the 60″ option is the one you will need. Click to see our best beginner recurve bows guide.

Next we need to make sure you are using the correct string for the bow. Recurve archers may only draw and release the bow with their fingers. Slid the bow string up the top limb until it settles around the string notch.

Recurve bows are usually made from wood and must be bent into the curved bow shape each time a user wishes to attach the bow string. If you are more interested in bow hunting then a compound bow might be right for you. When ordering the Dacron Recurve Bow String, item # IK-413016, order by AMO bow length.

Grab hold of the underside of the bow handle with your left hand and lift upward on it so the bow stringer bends the bow enough that you can then slide the right (upper) string toward the right until the loop is inserted into the string notch. Contrastingly, compound bows employ a camming system that allows a user to exert less force on the bow string to draw it back than is necessary with a similarly rated recurve bow. Recurve is the only bow type used at the Olympic games and is bound by strict rules on equipment used.

Bone Collector Tacky Bow String Wax Bone Collector Tacky Less silicone than ML Appropriate for older string materialsBone. Another thing to consider when deciding which recurve bow to choose is whether you want to attach a bow sight and other accessories to it. Some recurve bows come pre-drilled for such attachments, while others don’t. While there are many new crossbows available that you can use, in the end, it still boils down to two – the compound crossbow and recurve crossbow.

Wrap string around the two end posts – number of strands per string can vary according to bow weight.