Pse Snake Review Youth Recurve Bow

Being a 60″ bow it’s a “full size” bow, NOT a toy! At $6 each for the total arrow, you will spend more on 10 arrows than on the bow.

If you want to generalize the available options and narrow down choices to a short list, these would be the three PSE recurve bows that’s simply can’t be ignored! From compound bows to recurve bows to Carbon Force Radial X Weave arrows, PSE seems poised to continue in that role. I shoot a PSE Blackhawk, it’s a 40# draw and comes in 45 as well.

I have been thinking about getting into archery for over a year. Also, old archers like me who no longer have the strength for much heavier bows will find the Snake surprisingly accurate and allow longer shooting sessions, and FUN. After reading the reviews I ordered the Snake and am glad to say I’m not disappointed.

Once tuned this bow is a great way to teach and learn instinctive archery for youth and adults. I would probably rate the Silver Snake as average, in terms of loudness. There isn’t much to go wrong with the PSE Silver Snake, because of its one-piece design.

Whether you are looking for a high quality bow for hunting or targeting, you can’t go wrong with the PSE Stalker. Traditional Archery Supply sells Samick Recurve Bows. In terms of value per dollar, the Snake can’t be beat as an entry-level recreational trad bow.

That, and an entry-level price, make them ideal for youth and newcomers to archery. The Snake is obviously very affordable (I got it for $80 Australian which for here I suppose is the best you can expect) and has a very smooth and easy draw which as a 6’2″, 33 year old is no challenge at all – allowing me to take all the time and thought for a shot I need without the pressure of the Jaguar. Purchased the Snake as a first bow for my 11 y/ daughter; a big Hunger Games fan.

If you’re looking for a beginner bow in this price range, but want something that isn’t fully molded, look to the Barnett Outdoors 1123 Buck Commander Sportflight Recurve Archery Set It’s also a 60″ bow with a draw weight in the 20’s but has a more upscale riser with fiberglass limbs attached. The Silver Snake works for both right- and left-hand shooters, too! I am a college student (still beginner) who loves this recurve bow.

I was getting 10 inch groups at 30ft after only an hour. As one of the first companies to machine bow risers and accessories from solid aluminum, PSE has been leading the way for archers to enjoy the sport for years. The Sentinel bow sold by Walmart is marginally better and will serve a kid up to around age 10 or 11, but it’s not a great bow and it only comes in a right-handed version.

The bow overall looks a little better and the riser is a little more comfortable to hold on to. Both are solid bows, though one thing against the snake is that it is made of a thermoplastic polymer as opposed to fiberglass.