Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Review

Version, and it shoots so fast I actually gasped the first time I shot it, even though I’ve handled many a 45# recurve before.

One of those recurve bows that takes design to an all new level for other potential bows to compete with. This bow is available at Amazon for a great price We don’t recommend used bows, so stay away from sellers who are selling their old Gamemasters unless you are highly experienced in assessing the condition of a recurve bow. This recurve grows with you, and you will feel the difference once you start using it. The tune-ability of this bow increases its potential in your hands.

One of the stand-out features of this recurve is its high accuracy and low vibration. The riser is the first thing I pay attention to when choosing what recurve bow to buy next, and I believe you should also consider it carefully. An all-around great choice for both rookie and veteran recurve shooters, while redefining high-tech craftmanship.

For example, some people prefer to have a bow sight attached to their bows. But if you’re pretty sure you’re going to be doing this for some time, the high-quality parts do make a difference in the overall feel of the bow. Depending on your particular location (and the difficulty to get to it), this can be a huge factor when selecting the right bow for you.

I really enjoy shooting this bow more than my compound. This is the upgrade of the Martin Jaguar 3-Piece Takedown Recurve Some nice styling, built-in noise dampening, and a few flaw fixes, and the Saber was born. Next to this there are new traditional bow colour options.

They’re $395 NZD new and can be up to 60lbs at 28″ so it should fit me. It felt strange not having the let off, haven’t shot a recurve in years, but I reckon I’ll get used to it! Keep in mind the fish part just screws into the front stabilizer lug, you can use almost any rig on any bow. The breakdowns are good for packing it in or for learning (because you can put different weight limbs on while you train for a stronger pull bow).

To be honest I am rather new to bowfishing as well but after lots of looking around at different bows and bowfishing rigs , I decided that the best “bang for your buck” takedown recurve bowfishing setup is the pse kingfisher. The Fred Eichler emblems make the Buffalo bow look cheap and cheesy. Obviously, ILF is not going to be for everybody, nor should it be. I doubt you find many selfbow guys or Hill bow shooters making the switch, but there are a few.

It almost seems as though a number of people are invested in ILF not working, or not being popular with the “hunting” bow crowd. I would agree that the Buffalo was designed as a stand alone hunting bow. It is not, and never was or will be. It is the reason Black Widow, Blacktail, RER, Toelke, Bob Lee, Wes Wallace, etc.