Hoyt Buffalo Bow Review Recurve Details

But the following bows are the best recurve bows for Hunger Games fans that are learning archery yet want to preserve the Hunger Games’ style and feel. After The Avengers” was made, the same prop house asked Hoyt to send the Buffalo and some other recurve bows for consideration by the producers of The Hunger Games.” Hoyt sent the Buffalo and several of our Olympic-style competition recurve bows for them to consider. The Hoyt Buffalo is a technologically advanced takedown recurve bow taken from Hoyt’s Olympic bows and adapted to a hunting platform. As a result of the Hoyt quality, this bow is one of the more durable recurve bows on the market today.

The Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is made with the same quality materials that all Hoyt bow enthusiasts have grown to love. When that time comes, the Hoyt Buffalo recurve bow is one of the best choices you can make. The Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is a great value and is strongly recommended for the serious recurve bow hunter or archer.

The riser on the Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is made of aluminum, so it’s both lightweight and durable. Hoyt built special 20-pound recurve limbs for Lawrence and her Buffalo. Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow 55# Blackout RH is so well-made.

I have custom recurves and long bows but the only current recurve i hunt with is the buffalo. When you buy a Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow, you get more than a bow—you get a package. Hoyt started producing the Hoyt Buffalo three years ago as a custom-designed bow for Fred Eichler.

Notably, the Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow is part of the Hoyt family of bows, which have brought home more Olympic and World medals than any other family of bows in the world. There are many good recurve bows out there for competition and hunting. However, if you want true traditional shooting experience of a top quality recurve bow it is hard to say anything negative about the Hoyt Fred Eichler Buffalo.

I have a Hoyt Gamemaster II, and just got a Buffalo. All together, one of the top hunting recurve bows available today. The Buffalo stands atop Hoyt’s line of hunting recurve bows.

We did a research for Recurve Bows on the best reviews for this product. The Hoyt Buffalo is premium quality technically advanced bow for the bare bow hunter. The Hoyt Buffalo is about performance, accuracy, and smoothness.

The Martin Jaguar Takedown is one of the most sought-after and highest rated recurve bows online. I still like the overall performance of the Martin Diablo but I am selling that one and keeping the Hoyt Buffalo primarily because of the Hoyt traditional rest versus the Martin Compund bow style rest. It’s not a cheap bow (they retail over $700) but you will get everything you pay for with a Hoyt Buffalo.

As mentioned earlier, the Hoyt Buffalo recurve comes with it’s own custom-made Flemish string; pretty much the finest product in the industry for a hunter.